What is veganm8?

Have you been looking for an all-in-one vegan app with multiple functions? Well, that is our mission. We wanted to make a safe and reliable application where you can do multiple things from socialising to nutrition. This means, that you can do all the necessary things without having to keep closing and opening multiple applications and websites, at least for the functions that may already exist.

Who is veganm8 intended for?

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, vegetalian (plant-based), flexitarian or a just curious, there should be heaps for you to do. Even though the name includes the word vegan, it is not only for vegans. Please, do not feel excluded if you're just curious. We want everyone to feel welcome!

Who are we?

The veganm8 application is currently being created by just two vegan Australians – one who does the coding and the other who does the marketing and any PR. The application was not made for kudos, we, the creators, did not make it for notoriety. What makes us the happiest is to see people enjoying the functions. Knowing that we are making a positive difference is the main goal.

Trust us!

The veganm8 application is based on solid evidence, all the information that comes from veganm8 itself is from a reputable scientific organisation, such as the European Union Health and Food Safety Commission, the United States Department of Agriculture or the Australian Department of Health.

What functions does veganm8 have?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the functions that veganm8 offers as of August, 2018:

A social flux for many different kinds of communiqués (or posts);
A counter of how much your diet has saved the planet;
A recipe sharing flux;
“Is it vegan?” for supermarket items and services, alcohol and preservatives and additives where you can also add your items;
Complete nutrition data of more than 40 vitamins and minerals of more than 8,500 foods ranging from fruit to branded take-away items;
A comparison of the aforementioned food items;
Closed groups to keep things private;
An event flux;
Dating, to help you find romance;
“What I ate in a day” creator filled with charts ready to be shared on your video blogs;
A coupon flux showcasing some amazing promotions and coupon codes straight from our other website;
Create a company profile to help get your brand recognised amongst the vegan community;
Get travel ready, or just feed your geographical and linguistic hunger with our list of the 10 most necessary sentences in more than 100 languages;
And many other small functions like weather, unit converter, etc., and many regular social functions like sending vibes (or reactions), liking, following, etc.

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